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SLX Satellite Finder
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SLX Satellite Finder



The SLx Satellite Finder allows you to get the best possible sound and picture from your satellite dish with the SLx Satellite Finder. The SLx Satellite Finder will help you align your Satellite dish to the perfect position for obtaining the best possible signal. This great value package comes with a kit for locating other satellites and includes a compass and strength metre included.

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The SLx Satellite tv for pc Finder means that you can get the very best sound and movie out of your satellite tv for pc dish with the SLx Satellite tv for pc Finder. The SLx Satellite tv for pc Finder will allow you to align your Satellite tv for pc dish to the right place for acquiring the very best sign. This nice worth package deal comes with a equipment for finding different satellites and features a compass and energy metre included.

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